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I am an animal rescuer.
I will save lives. I will lose lives.
I will make wise decisions.I will make mistakes.
I will be surrounded by people who understand what I do and how I feel.
I will be criticized by those who do not understand.
I will rejoice when each homeless huggable finds a new forever family.
I will suffer through days when I cannot get those lost out of my mind.
I am an animal rescuer.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rescue cats in need of rescue | NEWS01

Rescue cats in need of rescue | NEWS01


My name is Ashley Cloutier. I work as a freelance reporter for the local
 newspaper in my town. I recently did a story on CLAWS Animal Shelter in
 Augusta, NJ. They are being forced to close their doors on April 15th. Any
 cats that are not adopted or fostered are going to be euthanized.

 At the time of my article, two weeks ago, there were 180 cats there.
 Presently, there are still about 140 left-- and only 4 more days left to do
 something about it.

 My brother gave me the name of your shelter through a friend, Erin Saddler.
 He told me that you guys sometimes have adoption fairs, etc. to help find
 home for shelter animals.

 I don't know if this email is too last minute but, at the point, I am
 desperate. I specifically asked my editor if I could do this article because
 I wanted to get the word out there about the cats. I know that it reached
 some, but it obviously didn't reach enough and I just... want these cats to
 have a better life. All of them are strays, all of them have had harsh
 beginnings, and I just think that they deserve a happy ending. It isn't fair
 that they should suffer when they have done nothing wrong.

 Please email me back and let me know that you got this and if there is any
 way that you can help.

 My contact information is: OR 973-919-1976

 The contact information for CLAWS is: 28 Pelletown Road, Augusta, NJ 07822.
 Their number is 973-875-8540 and they are open every day of the week from 11
 to 3. The name of the owner is Laurie Walsh.

 thank you so much,

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