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I am an animal rescuer.
I will save lives. I will lose lives.
I will make wise decisions.I will make mistakes.
I will be surrounded by people who understand what I do and how I feel.
I will be criticized by those who do not understand.
I will rejoice when each homeless huggable finds a new forever family.
I will suffer through days when I cannot get those lost out of my mind.
I am an animal rescuer.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A happy rescue

This is Sunday, and now after a very hectic week of rescue,
I can actually sit down and post some of the very happy stories
that came out of Murray County this week. first of all, I have
to say that all the kitties,were either rescued, adopted, or
sponsored and held over for another week. That is very good news
as we work towards no kill!

People say that County Animal Control can never be no kill but,
I don't believe that. I believe with the cooperation of
the director of the shelter,the volunteers who tirelessly network,
and the Rescues with big hearts, that goal is achievable!

MY first story is about a big white boy, that came into the shelter
all beat up. That was not his fault but the fault of his human caretakers,
who never bothered to get him neutered. He was doing just what cats do.

Any way, I took one look at the picture of this boy and saw him
as for sure being sentenced to die. Where would I find a Rescue who would
take this big rough and tough adult male out of there?

I networked with no responses and was losing hope, so I asked a fellow volunteer, if she knew of anyone I would have a chance of appealing his case to. She gave me 3 names and addresses and immediately I e- mailed them and pleaded his case.

One did not respond at all, another sent an I'm sorry we're full, but the other one, a Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee sent me a response asking questions about him, and in the end, not only was he rescued but, he was ADOPTED!!


Well I have to tell you, this made my day!

Now that I have titillated you with this happy tail, tomorrow I have a very interesting story about a Mama cat and her two kittens, with pictures!

Kitty purrs and head bonks, Rebecca

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