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I am an animal rescuer.
I will save lives. I will lose lives.
I will make wise decisions.I will make mistakes.
I will be surrounded by people who understand what I do and how I feel.
I will be criticized by those who do not understand.
I will rejoice when each homeless huggable finds a new forever family.
I will suffer through days when I cannot get those lost out of my mind.
I am an animal rescuer.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinto and Patches

These two were taken from Murray County,GA, and rode the first freedom caravan to Suwanee. Valerie fostered them, and sent them on their way with their favorite entrees and a brush for them  they really loved to be brushed.  Judith Carr was able to get a place for them in Petsmart in Newnan,GA.  I drove them down, and Patches got out  his carrier and got stuck in the wall of my car, ac went out, construction on the road delayed me by an hour and a half.  Hot and frustrated, I handed them over to Judith who then took them and cooled them down with damp cloths and fostered them until they could go to Petsmart.

They went to Petsmart after two weeks.  Everyone loved these boys, originally were thought to be sisters.

The first weekend someone wanted to adopt them but, it was discovered due to an oversight by the vet that Pinto had not been neutered.  Cheryl Darrity, who runs the adoptions at Petsmart took him to be neutered and then waited until someone came along to give them both a good home.  

As Judith said, we are saving two at a time.  It sounds like a lot of work for only two kitties but oh so worth it!  Proof that it takes a village...

Sometimes it is so nice to share happy stories to boost our energy in rescue.  Good Luck Pinto and Patches!  All of us love you!

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