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I am an animal rescuer.
I will save lives. I will lose lives.
I will make wise decisions.I will make mistakes.
I will be surrounded by people who understand what I do and how I feel.
I will be criticized by those who do not understand.
I will rejoice when each homeless huggable finds a new forever family.
I will suffer through days when I cannot get those lost out of my mind.
I am an animal rescuer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello Friends

First of all I want to thank the people who donated for the Hall County kitties, some of which are included here.  Without your help, it would not be possible to save these precious lives!!!
We are planning our transport to leave on June 26th, arriving their destinations on the 27th.  Please take a look at these kitties, and give them an opportunity to find good homes!!! 
Remember for every one you take, we can replace with another shelter kitty, that is doomed to die.
The situation here in GA is dire, too many kitties, not enough help.  We do the best we can, but the best is not good enough, if even one healthy baby is killed.  please help us save them!!!



To sponsor for the care,vetting and/or transportation, simply go to, click on the "send money" tab on the home page and enter .   If you would like to designate for a particular kitty, give a brief description and/or ID # of kitty. IMPORTANT: Be sure to designate the payment as a "gift" For friends or family, or PayPal will take part of it.
If you do not wish to send to my pay pal account, you may also pay any portion of my bills at

Baranik Animal Care

1230 Satellite Blvd suite 200

Suwanee, GA 30024



Kitty purrs and head bonks, 

 BAMA   tabby striped silver boy, approximately 7 months old, fully vetted, and combo negative.
Long and lanky boy, Gorgeous striped markings, silver and black.  Super cat, gets along with everyone, cats and humans alike,  Independent, and playful.  One fabulous package of long legs, and a oriental type face. He works his way into your heart, without being pushy.

BANJO Adult 3 years approximately, orange tabby. big boy, fully vetted, combo negative
Big sweet lover boy. Very friendly and calm personality. Makes himself right at home. He's good with other non aggressive cats   Talkative and likes to be with people or other sweet cats. A calming influence in a home with other kitties.

BUSTER & MAX  about 3 months old male. tuxedo, and smoke black. med hair, not from the same litter, but I put them together when Buster's littermate died.  Fully vetted, combo negative.  Friendly, and playful

ARLO & AVA Bobtails, 12 weeks, medium hair, blk/ wht,  fully vetted combo tested negative.
Friendly and playful.  So very cute with their little bob tails.

 PEPPER 1.5 years old, female fully vetted combo negative
Pepper seems young. I would guess not much more than 1-2.  Beautiful green eyes. Very sweet and non aggressive; on timid side. She will find a place to hide for a few days until she feels safe. She can be fine with other non aggressive cats and probably with children that know how to approach and treat cats.
 CALLI   chimera young adult,  small, only about 6 pounds. Fully vetted, and combo negative.
Calli is a beautiful tortie with a very interesting face with colors splitting right down the middle. She is as sweet and loving as she is beautiful!  She has a very calm personality, and makes herself right at home. Doesn't mind other sweet cats at all. She will make a great forever companion.
 Cinderella (Cindy)  dilute tortoise shell, young, fully vetted and combo negative
Cindy is full of spunk and personality. She rules the roost. She'll let other cats know she's the boss. She will play with anything that moves. She springs from hiding place to attack your feet when you walk by. Through a stuffed mouse and watch her go get it. She can entertain you for a long time with moving toys. She is a lover girl and you can get in her face and she'll give you a kiss. She is small and acts like a 6 or 7 month old kitten.
 COPPER & RAMBO ( BEST FRIENDS) orange tabbies, boys,11 to 12 weeks, Kittens fully vetted combo negative

DOLLY  young adult maybe under a year, small,  fully vetted, combo negative.
Dolly is a real doll!  She's young, still a kitten and very thin. She's had a rough start in life, but is as sweet and loving as any kitty can be. She makes heself right at home. Likes to be held, and be loved on. She gives kisses, and would love to curl up with someone forever.  She comes right up and purrs. She's a bit afraid of other cats, but in a day or two she's fine, when she realizes it's safe.

 STAR young adult, long hair, Siamese Himalayan mix, lynx point, blue eyes, fully vetted, tested negative.
Star likes to be the star of the show. She looks young like she's still a kitten. She loves flopping around to get some loves. She was very thin and her hair was full like she had experienced hunger, and was malnourished. She has gained some weight, and her hair looks much better now. She appears to have experienced some trauma, and can be very afraid and defensive at first, until she knows she is safe. She will need a quiet environment where she can feel safe for at least a week or two. Once she feels safe, she is a little love bug.  She has medium long hair and beautiful blue eyes. Siamese Lynx
 GOLDY  Mature adult, orange tabby boy, fully vetted, and combo negative
Goldie is a mature male neutered yellow gold tabby, approximately 4 years old. He is the ultimate gentleman, meek and mild in temperament, as well as loving, affectionate and submissive with people. He has been excellent over the last year living in a foster home with multiple cats, both male and females of all ages, as well as personalities. He lays low and quiet, very non-confrontational when disputes arise. Goldie SO wants a home of his own, and someone to love on him. He jumps up on the bed just before sunrise, so he can get a little rubbing and attention. He is never demanding, and patiently waits for the attention. Once the stroking starts, he becomes more confidant and nuzzles closer and closer. When other cats appear for their "turn," he yields and lets them have the stage, so to speak. Gentle, meek, attentive, appreciative are all adjectives which describe him. His face is so sweet, almost a Gerber Baby face on an adult cat.
 GOLDIE female, orange and white approximately 2 to 3 years old. fully vetted combo negative.
Paperwork says age 3. I wouldn't think she's any older than 2, I would say maybe closer to 2 than 3. She's very sweet. No problem around other non aggressive cats. I think she'd be fine around children too because she is so easygoing. Likes to be petted and interact with people.

 JACK   FRONT PAW DECLAWED Russian Blue mix, Big boy, approximately 3 to 4 years old. Fully vetted, and negative on combo.
Jack is a fabulous adult rescue! Initiates affection, and chooses rubs, and attention from a person over food, given the choice. Very inquisitive cat who loves to explore his environment. Playful, active and engaging. He likes other cats, too. Loves stimulation, and will no doubt love a home where he can be given the time, toys and opportunities for feline brain game
 MISTI  female 16 weeks sweet & cute!

 PEPPER 1.5 years old, female fully vetted combo negative
Pepper seems young. I would guess not much more than 1-2.  Beautiful green eyes. Very sweet and non aggressive; on timid side. She will find a place to hide for a few days until she feels safe. She can be fine with other non aggressive cats and probably with children that know how to approach and treat cats.

 ROXANNE  Young adult, small, med. hair tabby,l fully vetted combo negative.
Named her Roxanne. She looks young both she and Cleo get along and have good clean teeth. She also is on needs for URI but has good appetite. She is also very sweet and mellow. Both she and Cleo have passive personalities and could do well with children.  I love them!

Suzie & 6 babies, 3 boys and 3 girls, fully vetted, combo test negative
4 black babies have silver backs, and the two tabbies are very cute.  All are healthy and about 10 to 11 weeks old.  Mama is sweet and gets on with others,  about two years old.  They were rescued on the day they were due to die, from Heard County.

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